Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paleo Bloodwork Update

About a year ago I switched my diet over to a Paleoish diet.  I say Paleoish because I follow it about 60% of the way.  I have written about my results in the past but a few days ago I got my blood work from the doctor and want to share the results. I started Paleo to shed some excess weight, but found it really improved my health.  While I have more energy and eliminated the acid reflux issues, there was one piece missing.  Everything related to the change in diet was based on appearance and feeling.  There was no scientific information if my health was actually improving. 

Before going into results, I want to talk about the diet change.  I have elminated most ceral grains.  Wheat intake is down about 90%, as is corn and soy.  On occasion I have a bun on a hot dog or hamburger. Soda was elminated before I changed my diet, but I have also reduced other sugar intakes by label watching.  I replaced breakfast with yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, eggs, bacon and sausage.  I have replaced margine and 50% of the cooking oils used with cocunut oil, butter and bacon grease.  That is right, loaded up on saturated fat.  Startches like potatoes are decrease by about 50% and when I do eat potatoes, I eat more sweet potatoes and purple potatoes.  Rice has been cut in half as well.  I vary from a traditional Paleo diet with the consumption of dairy. I love cheese, yet more saturated fat. I also eat legumes like beans. I also still drink beer.  One of the biggest things we as family did was cook home cooked meals made from scratch.  We stopped eating Rice a Roni and hamburger helper and made real food.  Paleo encourages cooking more because most things in a box have tons of carbs.

For the results, in January of 2011 I had blood work done for life insurance and will compare this to last week's blood work from the doctor.  Being healthy is a good way to save money on life insurance, unfortunately it does not work with health insurance.  Maybe that is a way to fix healthcare costs; encourage a healthy lifestyle with savings.  Currently money is saved on drug copays and deductibles for surgery but nothing direct.

Here are the two test results following results with signifcant change.  I left off numbers that were in a healthy range that hadn't changed all that much.

Test20112012Percent Change
Cholesterol143 mg/DL126 mg/DL11.9%
HDL Cholesterol (good)35 mg/DL44 mg/DL25.7%
Cholesterol Ratio4.02.927.5%
LDL82 mg/Dl71 mg/DL13.4%
AST (SGOT)133 U/L14 U/L57.6%
ALT (SGPT)228 U/L16 U/L42.9%
Glucose360 mg/dl96 mg/dl60.0%
Creatinine41.60 mg/dl1.21 mg/dl24.4%

  1. Liver function, protien produced by liver lower better, though acceptable range is 11-39 U/L.
  2. Liver function, lower is better, though acceptable range is 6-42.
  3. Glucose is sugar in the bloodstream.  On my insurance test in 2011 I was flagged as being too low (Hypoglycaemia).  The healthy ranges varied: insurance 70-125 mg/dl, doctors test in 2012 60-99 mg/dl.  One would think that eating less sugar would make this lower, but in reality my body is producing less insulin, which in turn keeps the sugar in my blood stream and doesn't convert it to fat. 
  4. Liver function, lower is better.  On my insurance test I was slightly outside the range of .5 - 1.5 mg/dl.  The doctors test has a max healthy range of 1.30 mg/dl. 
I am amazed by the improvement in my results.  The only thing I can say is that I feel a bit betrayed by all the low fat labeling.  I have drastically improved my health despite increase fat and cholestorol.  I would say to save money on healthcare, look at your diet and don't believe the low fat high carb beliefs.


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