Sunday, January 27, 2013

Save Energy by Cleaning the Freezer and Fridge

This weekend I performed some maintenance tasks around the house.  One of those tasks was to clean dust out of our refridgerator's vents.  Fridges and freezers have air intake vents, on the bottom back and/or front.  The vents becoming full of dust and the fridge has to work harder to blow air over the coils inside.  The coils will also become caked with dust reducing their efficiency.  A less efficient fridge uses more power as it runs longer to pull the same amount of air through its fan.  Sometimes the condition becomes so terrible, the refrigerator fails to cool and food can go bad.

Every year I like to clean out these vents as well as the coils.  I have an LG refrigerator and my vents are in the back.  I pulled the fridge out to find huge dustballs behind it and in some of the vents.  I took the vacuum cleaner out and sucked up all the dust.  I then unplugged the refrigerator and removed the back plate at the bottom.  I vacuumed out the fan which was caked in dust and the coils.  I then put the plate back on and shoved the refrigerator back. It took a total of 15 minutes to perform this task.

It is very important to maintain appliances so they stay energy efficient and to extend their lives; and most important save money.


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Repeated cleaning of equipments is really necessary, it saves energy and also helps machines to work properly. Sometimes when you are cleaning your fridge, you can see small insects frozen inside. They get inside accidentally, but when you clean the machine from inside you'll be free from their dead bodies going inside you with your food. So take care of the little things and keep your place of living clean.

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Savings are very important part of every persons life. Savings are a type of investment to your future, a little progress in saving every day can adds up and give you big results one day when you needed that the most. Apart from saving your daily expenses you can save handsome amount of money by cutting down your energy consumption rates. Energy expenses are one of the biggest monthly expense a family can pay, for better control over your energy consumption you can use smart and efficient energy appliances. On the other hand proper servicing and cleaning for you old appliances is also necessary as well. You can use energy saving appliances and prepay meters for taking proper control over your energy consumption and money flow.

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